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His work has appeared in the "Tailwind," the local publication for Travis Air Force Base in California, as well as on several websites. Zeroing is a method of adjustment so that the point of aim is the point of impact. The front MBUS sight adjusts for elevation (using the supplied tool) and the rear sight adjusts for windage (using the dial). ALL-WEATHER PAPER COLOR: Tan SHEET SIZE: 8.5" x 11" SHEETS: 100 WEIGHT: 100# heavy weight Rite in the Rain. and confirm zero were developed as well as sight-adjust ment practice flashcards and a marksmanship fundamentals coaching card. This means the rifle's sights are properly aligned on the rifle. Always wear hearing and eye protection when shooting. Zero target data for the M4 Carbine: Adjust the sights to move the shot group center taret close as possible to the white dot in the center of the target. Rating - 100%. Having finished with that, turn it all the way in the opposite direction, count clicks as you go. M4 Carbine 25m zero: The same target used by the military to zero the M4. Fire five rounds of ammunition at the center of the zero target. 1. This aligns the center mark on the "0-200" aperture with the center index-line on the rear sight-assembly. When it comes to zeroing the iron-sights on your AR-15, it’s important to understand what the front and rear sights do. M4 -zeroing target for 25 meters. Rotate the windage knob. This is a nice feature and helps to eliminate much of the guess-work and errors involved when obtaining a zero. Be the first to review “M4 Carbine – 25 meter zeroing target” Cancel reply. This properly aligns the sights to an individual. Joined Apr 29, 2005 Messages 20,184 Likes 5,891 Location Western Mass. Most people zero their sights for a baseline and then compensate for any changes. Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Army Study Guide: M4 - 5.56 Semiautomatic Rifle. I’m associate aspiring businessperson, sure-fire author and blogger. M16A4. Find great deals for 25 Meter Zeroing Target M16a2. Double Sided Multi Weapon Range Zeroing Targets M4/M16A2/M16A4 More. If you want to be zeroed for 200 meters, then you need to put your target out at 200 yards and finalize your zero. To move your groupings to the left, turn the windage knob on the rear sight to the left and to the right to move your grouping to the right on the target. This shorter length requires exact zeroing to ensure proper accuracy. Soldiers reported that the sight-adjustment and coaching cards were helpful. I like to write about, home improvement, outdoor,personal finance, art, fitness and lots more. The M Sight, RCO, when installed on a M4/M4A1/ M16A4/M16A2, is zeroed on a standard M16 zero target with alternate strike points. At 25 meters, 16 clicks move the bullet 1 inch (two M4 zero target squares) or 8 clicks per square on M4 zero target. The M16A2 zero target squares are .96 centimeter in size while the M4 zero target squares are 1.3 centimeters in size. New Zero Target The new zero target demands un-derstanding of these concepts. I have created a series improved 25M zero targets (based of the standard US Military 25M zero target) that will allow the shooter to zero for 50/200M, 100M, and 300M using a 25yd/M range. If you confirm a zero at 300 meters on a windy day, and then you fire the weapon at a later date in different wind conditions or no wind at all, the impact will change. 2) Aim at the target center. 3. First Load the weapon with five rounds. Marking 25-meter zero target for bullet impact. In the recent carbine courses we have discussed various yard lines to zero your rifles along with the pros and cons of each yard line. All rifles and upper halves with sights installed from the factory are bore sighted to 25 yards. F-4. Graded silhouette: Magnified silhouette from the zero target above, with rings calibrated to nothing in particular. Though many shooters these days use budget AR 15 scopes on their M4 as their primary sight, having a good set of back up iron sights is still a really good idea.

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